You Asked: Changes in Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon Hardware


Sometimes we get really great questions from some of our buyers… questions that we think might be helpful to others!  So I thought I’d answer this one in detail here on our blog.  Here was the question:

“This is in reference to my LV Damier Papillon (SKU# xxxxx). I was just checking the brass hardware on the bag. Comparing the hardware to what is advertised on the LV website, the hardware holding the handles is shaped differently. It’s rounded out, rather mine is more square. Why is that? The other papillons on your website also have rounded out edges. I just want to make sure this bag is authentic. Did LV recently have a hardware change? Thanks.”

The hardware on her Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon that she’s asking about looks like the hardware attaching the handles to the bag in the picture above.  You’ll notice that it is kind of squared off and almost has hidden center posts.  This is the hardware that Louis Vuitton used exclusively on the Damier Papillon until late summer of 2006.  It was is a very popular style- and has a solid, quality look to it.  You won’t find an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon with this style hardware with a date code after late 2006.  A similar style hardware was used on the Louis Vuitton Vernis Bedford (basically the Papillon in Vernis leather) like this:

pap3The hardware that Louis Vuitton has used on the Damier Papillon since 2006 is the hardware that you’ll find on all of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Papillon bags, the Miroir and Cherry Blossom paps etc.  Again, you’ll find date codes that reference late 2006+ in authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon bags.  The handle hardware is thinner, with rounded edges, like this:


Different strokes for different folks- but if you google “changes in Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon hardware” you’ll find lots of sites referencing frantic shoppers in the summer of 2006 dropping by their local Louis Vuitton boutique to pick up a new Papillon before the old hardware was permanently off the shelves.

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