Worst “how to tell a fake purse” video guide ever…

Worst “how to tell a fake purse” video guide ever….This is hilarious.  I don’t usually critique people’s guides- because the people who write them are usually just trying to help people out.

Expert Village, on the other hand is obviously just trying to make some money (and who isn’t) but how hard would it have been to get some real information (and maybe even a real expert) in the video.

My three favorite lines?  (There are more- this video is a classic!)

1.  After explaining the registration card in a Prada bag, she says,

    “So if someone asks you, ‘hey, is this bag real or fake’ you can say, ‘oh, I watched this “how to” video, and yeah, it is real because I have my card!”

2.  After explaining that fake Coach bags have “circles” all over them (not “C’s”)… she shows a simple Coach leather wallet- that is not in the signature (monogram C) style, and says,

    “For example, this bag is Coach, but it doesn’t say (sic), have the C’s all the way around it.  So most likely, a boutique (?) is not going to try to imitate this, because they want to try to sell the most fashionable thing.”

3.  In closing, after sharing those two tips (if it has a registration card, it’s real- and any bag that isn’t signature/monogram is real), she says:

    “Pretty much, that’s how you tell a real bag from a fake.”

****  Just in clarification:

1.  The paper work that comes with a bag (receipts, tags, registration cards, etc.) is often faked better than the fake bag itself.  I’ve seen receipts with watermarks, and other very close copies. Don’t rely on these items alone for authentication

2.  Counterfeiters don’t discriminate in what they fake.  The rip-off cosmetic bags, wallets, limited edition pieces in monogram, all leather, canvas- you name it.


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