Why does Louis Vuitton Japan get all the good stuff :) LV Roses?

Louis Vuitton White Day Rose

Does the Louis Vuitton Damier Sophie ring a bell?

Well, it could have something to do with the fact that the folks in Japan are buying more Louis Vuitton than any other country. (Interested? Read an article in Times Magazine about the LV v. Coach battle for marketshare there.) But, I digress…

Louis Vuitton White Day Roses screen
(Louis Vuitton Japan)

You are feasting your eyes upon an actual living (well, it was living before it was cut, I suppose) white rose, that Louis Vuitton has branded with it’s virtually immortal signature monogram. These roses are currently on sale in celebration of the Japanese “White Day”, on March 14.

Louis Vuitton White Day Rose Bouquet
(I’m not usually a cut flowers kind of girl. This bouquet however, I’m totally into! How gorgeous is that?)

Louis Vuitton White Day Roses lined

So what exactly is “White Day” you might ask? (The same question I was asking myself just a short while ago…) Apparently, in Japan- on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), Japanese women give gifts of chocolate to the men that they love. In return, on “White Day” (you can read more about how this name came about on Wiki if you’re interested) men are supposed to return the favor by giving more expensive gifts in response. (I’m loving this tradition. These women are BRILLIANT!!!)

Louis Vuitton White Day Rose bunch

The roses are currently for sale in Japan for 4000 yen a piece or $39 USD. (It looks to me like that Neverfull GM Bouquet above has about 23 roses in it- a cool $897 in roses for all you numbers people!)

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