Who’d of thought the Kelly would save Hermes?

Grace Kelly Hermes Kelly

It’s not that Hermes was struggling.  That’s the amazing thing.  Hermes consistently does well- even when the economy is really sluggish!  Well, call me a geek- but I was totally fascinated when Bloomberg came out with the relatively (especially in this turbulent economic situation) rosy news that Hermes’ revenue was up 12% last quarter.  Or as they put it,

“Hermes International SCA, the French maker of Birkin handbags, said second-quarter revenue rose 12 percent on demand for expensive Kelly purses in Asia.”

It was that second line that got me so interested.  I mean, we’ve seen their pull here at Fashionphile- but now Hermes is crediting the popularity of the Kelly with their recent positive quarter!  It’s just fun to see- since the Birkin seems to get a lot of the press…

Hey, I’m glad Hermes is doing well!  (The more they sell, the more we’ll see coming in down the road!)  But you can increase your own little bottom line, by buying that investment bag- a pre-owned or vintage authentic Hermes Kelly bag for less than retail!

We’ve got quite a few really amazing Hermes pieces in right now, including six Kellys… Just gorgeous!  Be sure to click on the images below to see more pics of the fabulous Exotics- the stunning Ostrich or the luxe Lizard Kelly… or the AMAZING pink Kelly- I mean, check out that color! and… have you felt the Swift leather? it’s just buttah!… and then of course there’s the adorable Suede Kelly Pochette- that Victoria Beckham has made so popular!  And if you don’t have a White Kelly- well, you need it, it’s just a staple! :)

Hermes lizard KellyHermes Kelly Pink Hermes Kelly Ostrich

Hermes Kelly Swift hermeskellywhitehermeskellypochette

Feel free to browse about!  And let me know which one you like… You can find me on Twitter!

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