Who wore the bunny ears better: Madonna or the Model

You know I don’t like doing “Who wore it better” between models and ordinary folks- it just isn’t fair.  But, let’s face it… Madonna isn’t ordinary.

And in honor of the “Model as Muse” theme for the Met Musium of Arts Constume Institue Ball, I thought I’d compare Madonna’s look to Hanne Gaby Odiele… the model on the left above at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 show in the same outfit..

Honestly, I actually like the way that the bodice fits Madonna way more.  She fills it out.  Madonna is tiny, don’t get me wrong- but all that Pilates must be working, cause she’s definitely got curves in the right places.

But what happened with the Bunny Ears?  Who the heck picked out bright teal blue ears to go with that earthy, sage blue dress?  They don’t work at all.  Poor Madonna looks visibly uncomfortable- and I totally feel for her- I’d be sweating it too!

But, you know what- when done right… I actually quite like the Louis Vuitton bunny ears!  Here’s Jessica Stam working those ears- (notice, they are totally not working her):

See what I mean?  Jessica’s got Madonna’s black LV thigh-highs as well… and the whole thing just works.  Black ears would have been so much better with Madonna’s ensemble.

This is just another demonstration of the importance of getting good advice.  A good stylist is worth her 95 lbs in gold!

Photo Credit:  Getty Images via Daily Mail & Style.com

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