Who Wears it Better? Rihanna or Trina’s Monogramouflage Speedy

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Rihanna Trina

Hmmm… well, we’ve got Trina on the left at the BET Awards on the 24th or Rihanna at Da Silvano in the West Village last Friday?

Dang it, I mean… you know how I have a hard time with this- I really don’t want to be mean.  And, well, Trina’s a cute girl and is it really fair to put her next to Rihanna in black leather (or is it latex?) that makes her legs go on, like foreverrrrr?

Rihanna’s just looking so amazing- and the Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage really stands out on her black from top to toe outfit.

I actually like Trina’s dress (although I’d wear it a few inches longer) and she looks great.  Can I really blame the poor girl for being excited to get her new Monogramouflage bag out there?  But, I’m going with Rihanna on this one…  Camo’s just not working for me with the yellow.

What do you think?

(photo credit:  Just Jared)

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