Where are you Yeezy??

Kanye West's Azur Hard Case

I really wish I could get a look at this. Someone sent me a little head’s up that the $7150 Alzer hard case that Louis Vuitton gave Kanye West for his 30th birthday last year may have some cool custom paint. I’m pretty sure the image above is on the case. It’s Kanye’s Graduation Bear with a LV monogram shirt.

Here’s the album cover that our very own Takashi Murakami did for Kanye…

Kanye's Graduation Album

Kanye must have a thing for bears… I saw the bottom half of the fabulous Louis Vuitton teddy bear pictured by his on his KanyeUniverstiy blog:

Kanye's Louis Vuitton Bear

The Louis Vuitton gifted case is probably one of the Azur stack Kanye’s got in the entryway of his home:

Kanye West's Azur Louis Vuitton suitcases

(And as an aside, what’s not to love about Kanye’s painted bronze Hermes shopping bag sculpture by Jonathan Sigler.)

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