What Can You Do with a Fake Handbag?


I get asked this question a lot.  There are a lot of reasons why an honest person who doesn’t want anything to do with a fake bag- could get stuck with one (whether they got it as a gift, or they bought it on eBay- thinking it was real, etc.)  So what do you do with it now that you’ve got it?

Well we have tons of bags that have been sent to us- by clients who thought that they were real- but alas, they were not.  We don’t deal with fakes period.  So we’ve got a big trash bin that’s got a bunch of nasty fakes that have accumulated over the years.  We don’t even like trashing them- because our, oh so efficient local dumpster divers could end up putting them up on eBay.

Well, Jesse- our talented web guy (and my brother!), was an Industrial Designer first- and I guess that instinct took over- when he cut up an ugly fake Chloe Paddington, and made it into this cool little case for his iPhone!  It’s all lined and even has space for a few credit cards!  He figured, the leather’s still perfectly good- and why not put it to use.


He’s not using any of the counterfeit logos or labeling- (he’d not have done this with a Louis Vuitton monogram fake for example- cause then, he’d have just made his own fake, and that’s not the goal!)- but just the unmarked leather, and fashioned it into a cool and really practical case.

Nice way to re-purpose an item that can only otherwise be fit for the trash, into something so attractive and useful!   It’s a really Green solution as well- reducing the mess in the landfill, and a great way to recycle!

Hmmm, that was a pretty big bag!  I’m hoping there’s enough leather for him to squeeze out a couple more for his sisters!  What do you think of Jesse’s creation?

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