We’re blowing his cover…

Sean Connery Louis Vuitton

Wow!  Nice work… Sir Sean Connery- every bit earning his title!  That is one gorgeous man.

I’m loving the next instillation of Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” campaign.  For this one, Annie Leibovitz shot Sir Connery outside, on a wood dock in the sand and surf at his own home in the Bahamas!  Notice the watch set at 10:07!

For a beach scene?  The monogram Waterproof Keepall- a perfect choice!

The tagline says:   “There are journeys that turn into legends.”

Have you noticed a trend in the men featured in Louis Vuitton’s Core Values campaign?

  • Sean Connery: age 78
  • Mikhail Gorbachev:  age 77
  • Francis Ford Coppola:  age 69
  • Keith Richards:  age 66


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