Wear what she’s wearing: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Shopping

OK… I am a little biased here. I totally have a thing for vintage. I’m not talking old- trashed… I’m talking cool vintage pieces- discontinued, so as limited as you can get. If you can find a unique and interesting vintage bag in great condition- it’s a serious jackpot!

I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty safe in assuming, that while there may be other monogram Louis Vuitton bags at the airport with her (note the woman with the Speedy 30 in the pic below)- there won’t be anyone else carrying a fab vintage, discontinued Louis Vuitton Sac Shopping bag! I love it! (I’m not discriminating here- I’m loving her coat, her boots, her hat & her sunglasses too… pretty much the whole kit & kaboodle!)

While the masses can’t get their hands on Sarah’s bag- you know we can! In fact, we have a pristine, authentic Louis Vuitton Sac Shopping right now on eBay. It even comes with the original pochette accessories…

Check it out!

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