Continue from day 2… Our Breakfast! Er…so so only~ each bread I think need around 15,000VND

We took this bus to Mai Tho.

We reached after 2 hours.

We ride on this local motor boat.

Dragon boat.

Our tour guide. But I not really like him because he was a money face tour guide.

Vietnam’s style “cruise”.

We stopped by an Island.

This little cute and funny boy.

Nice flower..alot star shape.

We visited to a “bee keeping farm”. Not a farm ok, just saw this

They let us try some honey made candy and biskut.

As well as the natural pure honey.

This fish was fierce. I was trying to disturb the fish

Oh…The most exciting part! A Cobra snake.

The tour guide allowed few people to take photo with snake

A Japanese also tried this.

At first she scared too but finally she become so friend with the snake.

My naughty hubby keep asking me to try Why not him! Sigh >< Yer~ My first time!

You see my face. I was so scared lo….

Scared untill the snake run away also. Haha…

Some stall selling Vietnamese cloth.

Mekong Tour.

Our next activity – Rowing boat trip.

Oh yea…It was fun

My hubby was enjoying this short trek.

There were so many sampan here. Alot tourists as well.

Although the journey just short  But we had our fun here.

Our journey end soon.

We continued our motor boat trip to Ben Tre province to visit a handmade coconut candy workshop.

Machine to cook coconut candy.

What’s this? Candy made by coconut!

Group of workers showing us how they wrapped the candies. They were fast!

So good business here. We also bought the candies from the shop also ….

These are the things we bought from Coconut factory. Forgot how much liao~ But hor…The price more expensive than supermarket which I visited after this.

After visiting the coconut workshop, we continued our small motor boat trip and stopped by a local restaurant for Vietnamese lunch.

Our package included lunch. If you want to have better food, you can order separately from their menu. They served well know dish called Elephant Ear. We didnt try it because it costs 350,000 VND! So expensive.

This need to pay also ><

Our FOC lunch is this soup +

This rice. So “Cheap” right? Hehe.. What you expect…This is FOC, ok?

After that, we took a bicycle riding around the village.

We saw alot tourists too.

Hao Ai Village?

Nowadays, seldom see this kind of transport

The aunty so relax resting there.

After riding, we continued our journey to another village to enjoy tropical fruits.

They sang to us also.

Their attire looked funny.  They sang to us also.

This uncle very pro on using this instruments.

Cute Japanese little girl.

Penang bridge?? Nono, we at Vietnam now

A group of students. Oh no, their boat is more luxury than us!

A fishing village.

Vietnamese Hat.

We took this bus back to Saigon. This bus looked better than morning one.

“Mini Cao Dai” temple. Click here to see the Big Cao Dai Temple ;P

Green paddy fields~

Hotel Continental Saigon. Looked not bad right?

We had our dinner at Quan An Ngon

Egg Noodles soup with seafood and vegetables ~ Yum Yum   This bowl cost 45,000 VND oh~

Minced Pork Meatballes served with rice vermicelli, rice paper and vegetables – 90,000VND

Rice paper~

Put everything together and roll it

Jelly, Water Chestnut – Tapioca Pearls & Coconut Milk 20,000 VND. Nice dessert ~ Miss this so much ^^ Yummy

Quan An Ngon serves all of the Vietnam street food.

I hope I can have more time to try all the food there..But too bad. Today is my last night in Vietnam.

You can pick whatever desserts you like at this stall also.

The restaurant has a nice deco as well.

This is the entrance to Quan An Ngon Restaurant.

Yo~ the cable looked so complicated ><

So many motorbikes in Vietnam! Before they came, faster cross the road first =.=”

After dinner, we went to Saigon Tax Trade Centre. Nice Chinese New Year decoration.

Saigon Tax Trade Centre. We bought alot things especially Vietnam Coffee  We bought from the supermarket so the price is reasonable. Some were cheap also.

Deng Deng…Since I still kept the receipt  So, I was able to list down all the prices here for you to refer.
– Cafe Viet Nguyen 37,700 VND (Those coffee with Coffee filter)
– Cafe Viet Sua Da 46,000VND (Nescafe)
– Keo Me Trang Tui 45,000VND
– Keo Dao Phong 35,000 VND
– Banh Choco Pie 360 32,8000 VND

This is our backpacker budget hotel. It just cost USD14 per night :p So, the room okok only la~ What you expect? Pay more get more, pay less get less

Toilet quite clean.

Got TV somemore.

This is Viet Vacation Travel’s Boss la. He was very kind and helpful. His name called Tran Law (+84 946757392). If you want to ask anything about tour in Vietnam, can always find him ;D

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