Victoria Beckham’s Pictures Modeling

Victoria Beckham’s Pictures Modeling. I always assumed Beckham (maiden name, Adams) cultivated her trademark scowl to hide a set of twisted choppers, but these pictures also bust that theory. Beckham shows off her warm grin, pretty white teeth, and cute dimples. Who knew?

Did you ever dream you would see Victoria Beckham in mom jeans? Despite having given birth to four children, the singer-turned-designer always looks razor-thin and is dressed to kill when she steps out in sky-scraper heels with her famous footballer husband, David, or sweet toddler, Harper.


Victoria Beckham’s Pictures Modeling

However, there was a time when the former pop starlet and fashion icon looked almost…normal.Retronaut recently dug up a series of photos from 1992, the year before Victoria became “Posh.” Shot by photographer Geoff Marchant. Some show the 18-year-old aspiring model breaking out her best “Flashdance” poses in a black leotard and pumps. We all have photos that we wish had fallen down a manhole or been destroyed in a natural disaster, and the series might make the super chic Beckham wince. This was a decade before she was rumored to have developed an eating disorder.

She later toldPeople she preferred to dine on sushi, vegetables, and fresh fruit—presumably in order to maintain her Hollywood size zero frame. Her teenage figure is much curvier. She may not be ready for the catwalk, but in fact, she looks adorable.


Pre-Posh, 1992:Geoff Marchant/Camera Press/ReduxFashion from early 1990s is undeniably frumpy, and the high-waisted leather pants, wide belt, and some of the other items she dons for the shoot  are not what I would call flattering. Its amazing what a boxy double breasted blazer and tights can do to bring a girl down. Still, she’s a lovely young woman, and it’s refreshing to see a real person striking a pose instead of a brooding fashionista. Looking at old images of Beckham—or other celebs in their early 40s, such as Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow, who feel they have to hone their looks with countless hours of exercise, dieting, and beauty treatments—is a reminder of how the ideal of female beauty has morphed over the last couple of decades. We’ve gone from appreciating flesh and blood women to idolizing a hard and unforgiving silhouette, much like a mannequin’s.

Since now we have proof Beckham can smile, we hope she’s having a good chuckle with her hubby and kids over this blast from the past.

source: yahoo

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