Used is the new “new”!

Consignment sales up in down economy

It seems that everyone’s taking about the sad state of the world economy… and about how even luxury brands are being hit.  But with all this talk, did you know that there’s one market that is actually weathering the economic storm quite well?  The Secondary Market!!!

Notice the “Google News” titles above, “Bad Economy OK for Consignments,” “Consignment Business Booming in Charlotte,” “Secondhand Merchandise is Up in a Down Economy.”

I mean, I know you’ve heard me say this before- but honestly… buying used is the “new” new!!!  Not only is it a green choice (reuse is a better use of our resources than even recycling!!!), but it’s less painful on the pocketbook!

When money gets tight, a lot of folks are trying to figure out how to make some more cash.  One way to come up with it is to take a look around the house at any items of value that aren’t being used.  Just post those things on eBay or Criagslist or  Fashionphile- and voilà … easy money!

We see this everyday now here at Fashionphile!  We are able to not only able to help liquidate the capital from the virtual bank vaults that are some of our client’s closets… but we’re able to sell those bags to folks who used to buy full retail back when times were fat.  Everyone’s looking for a bargain now.  So if the choice is buying no-name or even lower branded new bags, or scarcely worn pre-owned luxury handbags… the answer’s an easy one!

So, go ahead.  Sell a bag.  Buy a bag.  Whatever, but just remember… used is the new new!

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