Used is the New New- Angelina Style


OK, I’m not suggesting that the Louis Vuitton Cabas Alto that Angelina Jolie is rocking in her new Louis Vuitton Journeys campaign was pre-owned.  The woman has shown through the years, that she’s got a thing for Louis Vuitton- and the good old Monogram Cabas line for sure.

She’s got the baby of the three, the Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano:

And she’s got the Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo:


And the obviously loved and traveled and- used- Louis Vuitton Cabas Alto she’s got in her Louis Vuitton Journeys campaign may be this one (although it does look a bit small…):

Anyway, my point is that I love a few things about this particular partnership as it relates to Louis Vuitton (and not the good she’s doing in Cambodia along with everything else).

  • I LOVE that Angelina included her own bag- just keeping it real!
  • I LOVE that it happens to be a very well used (some might even call it abused!) darkened and a bit dirty patina-d Louis Vuitton bag.
  • I LOVE that this particular style is DISCONTINUED!  Louis Vuitton went with this choice (or maybe encouraged it- who knows how these things happen) even though they don’t even make it anymore.  Meaning that this ad will not be selling any Louis Vuitton Altos for LVMH anytime soon (come on decision makers- bring it back already!)

How cool is that?  They wanted the idea of the time tested and traveled… and her own stuff etc, and didn’t care that we couldn’t go “Oh, cool bag!  I’m gonna go to and buy one!”  In fact, the ONLY way to get a Louis Vuitton Cabas Alto (or any other discontinued bag) is to buy one from FASHIONPHILE or somewhere else on the secondary (used :) market!  And you won’t even have to wear it out yourself!

It’s used.  It’s green.  It’s sentimental.  It’s real.

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