Two Buyers Held Hostage in Fake Bag Bust…

Anti Counterfeit Sign, Nice

My husband snapped this picture of me at the airport in Nice, France.  The French do not kid around in their anti-counterfeit efforts… and even target those “buying or carrying” fakes!

But, anywho… it must have scared the pants off the couple who was in NYC shopping in the back of a van for some counterfeit bags, when they were all of the sudden sucked into a major NYPD “Fake Bag Sting.”

The NYPD Trademark Infringement Unit (I did not know the NYPD had one of those!!!) confiscated 7 vans filled with 2000 fake Louis Vuitton, Coach and Burberry bags with a street value of around $125,000.  Apparently the shoppers were at the very wrong place at just the right moment, and when the fakers realized what was happening, they quickly closed up shop with the shoppers inside.  Oops!

Anyway, the couple got out unharmed… but I bet they’ll stick to the real stuff from now on!

Read the whole story from the NY Daily News.

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