How to treat her legs simply by sugar and honey

How to treat her legs – If you want to be treated very emphatically legs, you have many ways: spit, shave, time you waxed … However, when reacting with the legs to “Manual” like this, you will not get out of pain. The professional counseling Institute of aesthetic for you to bleach her legs gently and reduce pain, with two ingredients are familiar: sugar and honey.



• 60 ml honey whole

• 200grams sugar white sand or brown

• a fresh lemon and a piece of material

Self-reacting fur and honey


• Mix honey, sugar and lemon water core in a glass bowl and put it in the oven, turn in 30 seconds at high temperature.

• Use spoons and stir all mixed up in microwave back 30 seconds, then get out and continue stirring. You should not leave mixture back in a minute to do a lot of assessing reheat mixture and stirred continuously alternate to avoid mixed smoldering.

• If mixed with a little liquid, you can add sugar for later when you finish, mixed time you waxed the jitters like honey.

• If you don’t have microwave, you can use pan to reheat mixture on, but you need to pay attention to fire and stirred mainland rarity for Liu mixture boiling light is a little off the kitchen.

• To from 20 – 25 minutes for mixture cool down to heat without proper burned your skin.

• Use sticks lubricates mixed up time you waxed skin need pubes forever, don’t forget to lubricate the hair of hair!

• Use cloth Patch on the time you waxed or oiled, pressure to stick.

• You got a haul and hold on the skin around, other cloth hold fast to pull back hair sprouting, you will be easily eliminate the barbs hateful.


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