Top 5 Shops for Tall Women

Knowing where to shop for clothing for tall women’s clothing is three-quarters of the battle. If you dread heading to the mall because you never know where to find clothes that fit you well, take a big sigh of relief–I’ve researched which stores offer the best tops, pants and trends in sizes that will fit your shape.

  1. Top Shop for Long Pants: Long Tall Sally
    long tall sallyEven though Long Tall Sally only has one permanent store in the United States (a shout out to Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America), this United Kingdom company is offering “pop-up shops” in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis and Washington D.C. The pop-up shops test markets for viability, and they’re always trying new locations, so make sure you check their website to see if they’re planning a visit to your city.
    Long Tall Sally offers pants and jeans with inseams ranging from 34 to 38 inches, graduating in one-inch increments. Whether you’re a skinny-jeans kind of girl, a laid-back yoga chick or you need to strut your stuff in the boardroom, Long Tall Sally offers every style of pant you could possibly want. Sizes range from a U.S. size 4 to size 24, allowing for a vast variety of body sizes and types.
  2. Top Shop for Teen Trends: Alloy11267_slide2
    You only have to visit Alloy’s online store once to realize it’s a store made for teens. With “extras” like gossip, sports and fashion pages, the site feels a little like a magazine. Tall teens can shop happy for trendy pants, graphic tees, cute sweatshirts and dresses. While not all of Alloy’s clothes are tailored for the tall, their pants come in lengths up to 37 inches and many of their tops include longer torsos or stretchy fabrics, two options that work well for tall girls.
    Even if you’re not a teen, you may want to check out Alloy’s shoe section. Cute boots, heels and flats come in sizes up to 11
  3. Top Shop for Classic Casuals: J. Crew
    JCrewCollectionIf you want clothing that will work season after season, shop J. Crew. You’ll have to pay a little more, but this higher-end shop offers quality clothing that will last. Because the tall market is limited, many brick and mortar stores only offer tall options online, so if you plan to shop in-store, call ahead to make sure they carry your size. If you choose to shop online, you can search their “tall” section for blazers, pants, suits and long-sleeve shirts. They also carry shoes in sizes up to 12.
  4. Top Shop for Work Duds: Banana Republic

tải xuốngBanana Republic offers tall clothing of all types, but with a special online boutique geared toward “stylish work,” you know they’ll suit you right. Just don’t expect much in the way of bright colors or trendy trends-while Banana Republic is fashion-forward, they’re stylish in a more conservative, muted manner.
Unlike some other stores, Banana Republic’s full line of tall clothing makes

shopping for dresses and skirts a more comfortable prospect.

5 .Top Shop for Sexy Weekend Wear: Victoria’s Secret

tải xuống (1)Tall women have just as much of a right to look hot for a night on the town as anyone of average height, and no store seems to acknowledge this more than Victoria’s Secret online clothing shop. Victoria’s Secret knows how to play with coverage in a way that teases and tantalizes without looking dirty. Search the “sexy dresses” section choosingdresses with longer skirts and sexy cutouts.

If you’re more of a cute-top-and-jeans girl, search their “sexy tops” section, and match a tunic top with one of their tall pant options.

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