Tips for going to sea on holidays

Tips for going to sea on holidays. Being immersed in cool sea water, leisurely taking a stroll in smooth white sands or contemplating clear blue sky are interesting things you can do as going to beautiful beaches in the summer.

There are definitely a few things you should know to have a perfect trip:



Your trip will be safer and happier as you always have at least a partner to take care for each other and share happy moments. When you want to swim, you need to tell your friends. They are likely to be the quickest rescuer for you in case of emergency.

You should not walk barefoot in rocky beaches. Moreover, swimming too far from the seashore is not a good ideal.

More importantly, you should choose safe and clean beaches to freely play with sea waves or jump on sand.


Activities on the beach like swimming, volleyball, etc will lose your power. Therefore, you need bring food like bread, water, sweet cake, fresh fruit so you can enjoy them after being tired or hungry.


Flip-flops, sandals, wide-brimmed hats and colourful costumes are necessary items you should bring.

You should tie your hair with colorful headband to limit the amount of hair that’s exposed to direct sunlight.

Do not forget to bring fashionable sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, wind and sand. Sunscreen with SPF45 is always in the top priority to reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer.

Bringing a wide-brimmed hat is useful because hats provide excellent coverage.


As travelling, too much make-up will not be suitable and necessary. Natural make-up is better. You just need tinted moisturize for your face and sun lipstick for your lips. Using glossy lipstick also make your lips attractive and plump.

Besides, you have to use suncream all day so you can use pink or coral pink blush to make you look natural in the sunshine.


Choosing a right swimsuit for your body is not easy.

If you are not confident with you body, do not worry about it. Bikini is now very various with many sizes and styles designed to fit body shapes, different personalities and help you hide your body’s weakness. To be more prominent, you can choose an eye-catching bikini with floral prints, polka dots.


After a trip, souvenir will be interesting gifts for your friends and family. There are many things for you to choose such as sedge hat, chain ring screws petite, flowers made ​​of sea shells, etc.

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