The Worst Article in the World…

 Fake Examiner Louis Vuitton Looping MM

I always got a kick out of his “Worst Person in the World” segment in Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  And when I saw this article, I immediately thought… this is for sure, this week’s “Worst Article in the World”.

Go ahead, check out the article written by Kelly Saxton Lindner, the “Dallas High Society Examiner”.  Wow.  There is nothing high society about what Kelly advocates.

The article is called, “Five ways to get good fake designer handbags.”

I’m not going to get into all of the lowlights of the article, but Kelly, honey- fakes are not only tacky and cheap looking (trust me- more people know than you think) but they support a lot of really yucky and scary stuff***.   Carrying them just isn’t honest.

The “Louis Vuitton Looping MM” pictured in the Examiner article is not authentic.  The monogram alignment is wrong, the monogram is flipped near the zipper- so the LVs are laying horizontally (where they shouldn’t be showing at all- and for sure not aligned that way), the zipper pull isn’t shaped correctly and neither is the strap.

If you’re looking for a Louis Vuitton handbag for less than retail- don’t buy a fake- buy pre-owned.  While the Monogram Looping MM costs $1030 from the Boutique or, we have authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton monogram Looping MM bags on our website for anywhere from less than a third of that- only $325, to $550.

Buying pre-owned authentic bags, you’ll not only save some money, but you can hold your head high carrying a bag that you love, knowing you’ve made an authentic choice, and a “green” one, to boot!  Win, win, win!

***  A little background reading:

BBC:  Fake Goods Linked to Terrorism

Times Online:  Designer Fakes ‘are funding Al-Qaeda’

IHT:  Counterfeit goods are linked to terrorism

Harper’s Bazaar:  Fakes are never in fashion

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