The Buzz: Louis Vuitton Journeys to the Moon!

Looks like star of the next “Core Values” Louis Vuitton Journey spot has been chosen.  They picked another oldie (but goodie!), Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon!  Annie Leibovitz is doing the shoot, and they are headed out to a desert somewhere in the US for the setting.  Apparently, he’s gonna be pictured with astronauts Jim Lovell and Sally Ridge.

Notice the trend here since the Aggassis?  Catherine Deneuve (1943), Gorbachev (1931), Keith Richards (1943), Sean Connery (1930), Francis Ford Coppola (1939)- ok, so Sofia was in the shot too… and she’s clealy young since she’s just a year older than me :) and finally, the youngster of the bunch, Madonna (1958).

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