Tall Women’s Fashion – Summer Shorts

gap-shortsShorts are one of those items of clothing that tall women can actually purchase with ease. Most shorts come with inseam lengthsranging from as little as three inches to as much as 12 inches, making it easy for tall women to find a length that looks flattering. If you’re in the market for shorts, don’t be afraid to try a variety of lengths – tall women can look hot in long and short shorts – but keep a few things in mind:

  1. You do have long legs, so if you opt for short shorts, choose a pair with a moderate rise and either a slight flare at the cuff or a looser fit. These details will show off your legs without showing off too much of the goods.
  2. The reverse is true if you purchase longer shorts – choose styles that cut close to your legs with a straight cut from your hip to the hem. The close fit will slenderize your legs.
  3. Very tight fitting shorts that look as if they were painted on are rarely attractive on anyone. Assuming you are one of the few women who can pull this look off, pair the shorts with a looser fitting top and flats.
  4. Well-fitting flat-front shorts without pleats or rolled cuffs are a universally flattering look. Choose alternatives to this look with care.
  5. If you’re wearing shorts to work or out on a date, pair longer and mid-length shorts with heels in order to make your legs look longer and your outfit more pulled together.

While you can shop for shorts at almost any women’s store, GapLong Tall Sally and Banana Republic all offer short options specifically for tall women. If you haven’t worn shorts in awhile, it’s probably worth shopping in-store in order to make sure you’re choosing a style that’s flattering for your figure. Like with all pants, make sure that when you purchase your shorts, they fit perfectly at your widest point, ensuring that they won’t pull or pucker in an unflattering way.

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