Tacky Christmas sweater – Designer Makes $1,400

Tacky Christmas sweater – Designer Makes $1,400.Like Starbucks peppermint mochas or department store window decorations, the tacky Christmas sweater is a telltale sign the holidays are upon us. Oversized sweaters emblazoned with dancing reindeers or smiling snowmen have been beloved by grandmas and hipsters for years now (the hipsters wear themironically, of course). But only recently has the tacky Christmas sweater forayed into high fashion.


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Yes, now you can get a designer tacky Christmas sweater, made by high fashion label Meadham Kirkchoff, for a mere $1,395. On Net-a-Porter.com the sweater is referred to as a “metallic-embroidered knit.” The website explains the inspiration for the sweater was taken from retro, 1960s-era wrapping paper. Really? Retro wrapping paper? At least give credit to all the tacky Christmas sweater-wearing grannies out there that were clearly the inspiration for this “metallic-embroidered knit.”


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And before you start dipping into your savings and buy this designer sweater, we did a quick search on Walmart.com and found a very similar Christmas sweater for $19.97. That’s a savings of $1,375.03 … if you’re willing to forfeit the designer label.


What do you think? Is this designer Christmas sweater high fashion or just ridiculous?

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