Start Your Own Lagerfeld-esque Goyard Collection!


I just LOVE this picture of Karl Lagerfeld’s fabulous Goyard Luggage collection.  I mean, really.  Would you expect anything less?

But, hey… you don’t have to be an iconic, world famous fashion designer to be able to have a Goyard travel piece of your own!  We’ve got a bunch of amazing Goyard luggage in right now… some for over $1500 off their original retail pricing!  Check out just a sample!

GOYARD Custom Wine Degustation Travel Case Red:

GOYARD Trolley MM Rolling Suitcase:

GOYARD Trolley PM Rolling Bag:

GOYARD Ambassade Soft Suitcase:

GOYARD Porte Habit Garment Bag:

This was just a taster!!!  Be sure to check out the rest of our Goyard collection on FASHIONPHILE!

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