Six Degress of Separation: Ron Paul & Marc Jacobs

OK… I thought it would be fun to play 6 degrees of Separation!  This is a game that became a spin-off with the 80’s trivia time blower, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You know, the test of the truly small world, where you pick any famous person and you have to connect them to Kevin Bacon in film roles in 6 degrees or less.

But, this is a luxe bag blog, so instead of Kevin Bacon, I’ll be connecting to Marc Jacobs in honor of his wildly successful collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and his engenius insight to bring Takashi Murakami into the mix, which has just been celebrated like mad this week in the @Murakami grand opening exhibit this week at MOCA in LA.

I wanted to pick someone who I could think of absolutely no similarities or connections with Marc.  I thought it would be timely to do some of the 2008 Presidential Candidates, as I figured all but H.R.C (who may just  be a close and personal friend, since MJ did a bunch of cool promo pieces for her recently) probably fall into this catagory!

As a nod to the amazing grassroots effort and insane but creative marketing methods put forth by the Ron Paul campaign- I thought I’d start there. I also thought it would be fun to see if I get any of those zainy Ron Paul rEVOLution postings on my blog as a result! Everyone else seems to be shy about commenting… so I thought I’d see if this would bring some comments out of the woodwork!!!

I won’t be using film roles for my connections, but just any pictures of two people together!!!

Here we go: Six Degrees of Marc Jacobs… Ron Paul style!

Here we have Ron Paul & Ronald Reagan on Airforce One in 1976.

Then of course you have Ronald Reagan and Steven Spielberg after the ET showing in the White House.

Steven Spielberg directed Drew Barrymore in ET. Why does it always make me kind of sad to see pictures of her as a little girl?

Drew Barrymore not only starred with Luke Wilson in Home Fries, but they had a little thing going on for a while.

Luke Wilson played alongside Reese Witherspoon in the Legally Blonde movies…

Reese is a big fan of MJ’s. Here she is at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party Saturday night. After seeing the MJ tutu pics, the cheerleading costume is pretty much par for the course.

Well, that was pretty easy. I’d love a challenge! Give me a suggestion, and I’ll try to connect them with MJ!

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