Shed post-pregnancy weight with yoga poses


Shed post-pregnancy weight with yoga poses shares five easy-to-do yoga poses which help lose weight fast:

Half tortoise: This is a rejuvenating and relaxing pose. It is good for those who suffer from lack of sleep and have mental stress. It is nurturing and calming. This oxygenates the blood and relieves stress by bringing circulation to the head and is good for those who have health-related problems like thyroid and parathyroid.
It also tones hips and thighs and relieves tension in shoulders.

Eagle: This exercise releases tension in shoulders and upper back. It brings fresh oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs, strengthens lower back, legs, feet and ankles. It opens all the major joints of the body.

Cobra: This exercise strengthens lower back, creates symmetry in the body and opens upper back, chest and ribcage. It brings circulation to the uterus and ovaries, and tones arms, waistline, buttocks and legs.

Spine twist: This exercise tones waist by strengthening abdominal muscles which create a girdle-like effect on the abdomen. It releases tension from the back muscles, hips and neck, improves digestion, and releases tight hips, glutes and iliotibial bands (knee injuries).

Kapalabhati: This breathing exercise not only refreshes, but also tones abdominal area. It massages the abdominal organs, oxygenates the body, removes carbon dioxide, and is good for the nervous system. It is good for abdominal muscles.

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