Serious Chanel Price Increase Coming Soon


Yikes… Looks like we’re facing another Chanel price increase.  This one is supposed to be pretty serious.  Rumor has it that we’re talking up to a 20% hike!  Apparently, Chanel is worried that they are becoming a “main street” brand “like Louis Vuitton”.  When they want go the more exclusive Hermes route.  From Madison Ave Spy:

Consider this: In 2008, a 227 Reissue was $2850. Today the same bag costs $3600 and could jump to $4100 if current indications are correct. That’s an approximate 40% increase in just two years. There’s nothing Main Street about that type of price shift. As a matter of fact it’s not even Wall Street reality.

Yeah, all I can say is that you can still get that same Reissue (like the one pictured above) at closer to the 2008 pricing here at Fashionphile!  Always check Fashionphile first for authentic, pre-owned Chanel handbags for hundreds less than retail!

Well, it’s targeted for August 1.  So we’ll have to see.  Maybe Fashionphile needs to have one of it’s famous “Price Increase Sales”!  You know the ones- where your favorite brand increases its prices- so Fashionphile gives you a break in time to stock up :)

Sources: MadisonAveSpy, CutBlog

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