Secrets of delicious spring rolls

Artwork fried spring rolls Artwork fried spring rolls

Raw Material:

– Mushroom, wood ear, onions, pepper, lemon juice, sugar, eggs

– Vegetables can do: carrots, bean tubers, price, kohlrabi

– Spices: coriander, green onions

– Myanmar

Minced meat (plus you can add some kind of meat: fresh shrimp hash, or you can use crab meat)

Artwork fried spring rolls

Artwork fried spring rolls


Vermicelli soaked in cold water, then bring chopped

Chopped mushrooms, wood ears move only very small then shredded hash.

Crushed onions, finely shredded, minced garlic

In vegetables to do the same, you can choose two of the categories listed above, common should choose carrots, peas or price, because carrots are red will make the colors richer (should give a little carrots because carrots drowned the others). Old beans have natural sweetness make spring rolls taste, price can cooler to eat, if no matter where they choose prices, however if many will make for nem IU. And do not forget fresh chopped green onion. These buffer vegetables will make the dish rich colored paper, eat less bored.


illustrations fried spring rolls

illustrations fried spring rolls

Mix all the ingredients chopped, meat, mushrooms, wood ears, vermicelli, garlic, onions, … the vegetables were chopped, 1 spice, mix all the hash and once again for the material flow together, then the eggs, stir 1 again. This will make people not come loose, dry and rolls easily washed.

Some tips when rolling paper

First hint of lemon juice or a bowl of sugar water (apply 1 of 2)

Experienced shell bowl. Depending on preference, you can select wrapping paper to (when eating cut out) or small rolls. Typically his or wrapping paper with 1/4 or half shell paper you can scan 1 bit (Note 1 bit offline) to the shell so that when spring rolls fried crispy spring rolls.

For the paper on the book cover, the book is complete, to cover the adhesive paper, you can scan the way up.

Fried spring rolls

Pour the oil into the pan, wait for the old off and throw it into the hot oil frying. When frying, you can give one bit of lemon juice on for aromatic rice paper and more strange. (If you apply lemon juice in step book rolls out loud this step. Requirements spring rolls are golden rolls, not fire, the smell of onions, garlic and spices.


Artwork fried spring rolls

Artwork fried spring rolls


Pickles: kohlrabi or papaya, sliced ​​carrots provide, put in the brine phase 1 bit of lemon juice or vinegar. Drain and mix with sugar, lemon juice, spices, mixing light just so you put it in the sauce, the sauce is not too salty.

Sauce phase. Each dish has its own spices. There is a certain formula, as long as both meals. But in general, can be done in the following way:

Garlic beats borders, cut into small slices of chilli, fish sauce, spices (soup), pepper, sugar, vinegar, warm boiled water mixed together. Have you noticed the salty, sour, sweet to fit your mouth. Normally you should mix the sauce and use more spices.

When eaten, expressed vegetables to disk, tomatoes, cucumbers ranked sides, rolls onto the plate, eat with sauce and noodles.

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