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Luke Wright is a second-rate fighter mixed martial arts, with a lifetime of beatings, routine and a salary is a pittance … until one day he gets the opportunity of a rigged fight. From that moment, his life becomes a living hell after the Russian Mafia kills his family, looking banished to wander the streets of New York as a more destitute, haunted by guilt from the consequences of his act.

But when you witness the panic of a twelve year old Chinese girl, Mei, who pursue the same gangsters who killed his wife, Luke jumps into action and starts a war directly. Luke discovers that Mei is not a normal girl, and that he is a math prodigy and is forced to work for the Triads. In his mind the girl has memorized a code that can be a time bomb for the mafia, the Triads and the corrupt NYPD.

By being the only person I can confirm Mei, Luke is immersed in an underworld in order to save the life of the innocent child, and perhaps even to redeem their past acts.

  • Video ………: 5136 kbps
  • resolution ….: 1280x544A
  • Audio ………: DTS @ 1510 kbps
  • Subtitles …..: english
  • seeds: 10827, leechers: 5141


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