Royal Hawaiian’s Louis Vuitton Suite.

Kamehameha Suite Vuitton Tower

Louis Vuitton likes to build these fancy Eiffel Towers out of cool monogram hard pieces- and you know what, I never get board of it.  I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a golf bag on top.  It must have been HUGE!

This one was from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Grand Re-Opening “Royal Gala”.

The Royal Hawaiian also has special luxury “Kamehameha Suite” with a Louis Vuitton “LV Luxe Voyage Suite theme showcasing it’s latest collection”.  Dying to see it… and to see what that means!

Apparently, during the shindig the other night, in the Kam Suite, there was a waterproof Keepall floating in a tub full of water!  Wish I had a pic!!!

Check out the Star Bulletin for more cool pics of the event.

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