Rock that Bike!

Louis Vuitton monogram bicycle trunk

Love the article today in the New York Times about the designer bike thing we’ve got going on right now.  You remember my blog post about the Chanel & Gucci bikes late last year?  Then of course we got that crazy fur laden contraption from Fendi a couple months ago…  Apparently bike riding is up almost 75% in NYC alone in the last few years.

My dad’s been commuting to work on his bike since before I was born- long before it was cool.  So, I totally LOVED that the NYT included this amazing picture of LVMH North America Chairman Renaud Dutreil commuting through the streets of NYC on his Black Gazelle!

Renaud Dutreil LVMH bike

The whole thing reminded me of this old 1960’s picture of a monogram Louis Vuitton bike trunk (above) that I saw a while ago.  Isn’t this just the kind of thing you’d need if you were going to transport any one of these glamorous new bikes!

You’ve gotta check out the NYT article, cause there is a great photo gallery, including a close-up of the the Fendi bike, which you’ve gotta see!

LV Bike Trunk Pic credit: Moscaline blog, scanned from 2007 Air France mag!

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