Paris Court of Appeals Upholds Decision to Keep LV, Dior off eBay

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Like I’ve said before… Louis Vuitton is well within its rights to do what it needs to do to get the counterfeits out of here.  And even, to perhaps seek sanctions for past gross negligence… But this is going too far- big time.

Basically, today the Court of Appeals upheld a June 30 ruling that has ordered eBay to stop allowing the listing of any Christian Dior, Kenzo Parfums, Guerlain and Parfums Givenchy fragrances and cosmetics on eBay France.

eBay’s is already appealing the original $63.2 million ruling on negligence in allowing Louis Vuitton counterfeits on the site… But they were trying to get an emergency injunctive order after a review of the part that forbid them from allowing sellers to list authentic LVMH perfumes (that were sold outside of Louis Vuitton’s regular, authorized distribution channels) on the site- or face the unreal DAILY fine of 50,000 euros, or $79,000.

So, the appeals court basically upheld the fine and in fact- upped the ante- ordering eBay to pay an additional $15,736!

Wow.  I mean, what would it do to the value of any luxury good- if it no longer had resale value?   A lot of people buy cars, art, jewelry (and handbags) with their inherent resale value- and even, investment value in mind.    Unreal.

Again… I’m on the egde of my seat to find out what a US Court will say in a similar situation (Tiffany & Co. v. eBay).  Any day now…

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