Monogramouflage in the Sex and the City Film?

Jennifer Hudson Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage
(My Monogramouflage version of Just Jared’s pic of Jennifer)

It’s total speculation, and I could be way off here- but I’m interested!

Howard Gesler of the Philadelphia Tattler* has seen the new Sex and the City movie (to be released May 30) and dishes out a few tidbits without ruining the story.

I thought this in particular was interesting:

“Hudson, a purse-a-holic, wants the Louis Vuitton bag she carries in the movie.

“I’m hoping if you guys write about it, I can get it,” she said. So the Vuitton bag would be at the height of fashion; “Sex and the City” filmmakers got the first one ever made.”

Hmmm, if not monogramouflage… any thoughts?

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