Marc Jacobs, Still working the Skort

So this is Kanye West and MJ at the Louis Vuitton men’s show.

Marc Jacobs Skort...

Yet again, MJ sporting what my 8 year old calls “skorts”.  They’re a little bit skirt and a little bit short.

Marc Jacobs Skirt Skort

I love that Marc Jacobs is doing all he can to single handedly make “Skorts For Men” cool.  Think about it.  When do you see MJ in anything BUT skorts lately?   You dont’!  I mean, I think it really is a little personal campaign to bring SFM to the mainstream.   I mean, skorts for women (girls over the age of my 8 year old) just aren’t cool at all.  In fact, off the tennis court, they’re pretty much the opposite of cool.  So, I wish him luck!

You gotta hand it to the guy though- he’s totally going for it… and I love that!

Got the top pic from Kanye’s blog.  He’s got a bunch more pictures up if you’re curious.  Take a look.

For pics from the show- check WWD.

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