Marc Jacob’s Ex-boy’s gonna miss the perks…

Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston with tattoo

So, word is that Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston broke up (again).

I mean, I can’t blame him- but you know Jason’s gonna miss the perks.

Jason Preston jet louis vuitton keepall
(Jason Preston & Louis Vuitton Keepall)

You know, the private jet rides…

Jason Preston louis vuitton luggage
(Jason Preston and Louis Vuitton Luggage & Manhattan GM)

The amazing Louis Vuitton freebies.

jason preston louis vuitton rabbit scarf
(Jason Preston and Louis Vuitton Rabbit Scarf)

Breaking up is hard to do…

Jason Preston Louis Vuitton shorts
(Jason Preston in Louis Vuitton shorts)

(Insert your own snarky comment here, that picture speaks for itself IMO!)

What I’m going to miss are the fun LV pictures on Jason’s My Space page!

(All the pictures above were from Jason’s page)

(If you’re a voyeur- Marc Jacobs always has some cool pictures on his My Space profile too… who ever said that Marc wasn’t web savvy?)

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