LV’s Suite Life in St. Bart’s Villa

Louis Vuitton Suite St. Barts

Check out the mosaic flooring outside and out in the “Louis Vuitton Master Suite” of this “Villa La Grande Maison des Etoiles” that just sold for a record breaking $39 Million!

Louis Vuitton bathroom, St. Barts

It’s a 7 bedroom villa with not only serious ocean views, and several pools, but it has bedrooms designed in tribute to Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

Louis Vuitton has a policy against doing work like this… they don’t do interior design or furniture.  As Patrick-Louis Vuitton, explained, “We are in the business of movement.”  But, somehow, I don’t think LVMH will mind.  They seem picky about who they let make unauthorized use of their logos, and who they don’t.  (Think Kanye West and Ruben Studdard’s monogram CD cases.  Both unauthorized (KW’s was years before he began working closely with LV) but only Studdard got sued.)

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