Luxe for the Littles


Of course I have to jump into the whole “OMGosh!  Suri Cruise is carrying a $850 Ferragamo Sofia bag just like her mom!!!” debate.

Which is an interesting trend since we saw Angelina and Zahara’s matching Valentino Histoire handbags (Zahara’s being specially made- I’d assume, just like Suri’s) just like a year ago or so… remember that?


I mean, it’s hard for me to get beyond the cuteness factor… but I’ll try!

First off… I have real suspicions that neither of these bags cost anywhere near $850.  They probably were more in the range of, oh, I don’t know… TOTALLY FREE!  Yeah, gifted.  I mean, look at the attention that both of these little families got for each brand.  I seriously doubt that either were actually purchased.

But for the sake of argument- let’s say that The Cruise-Holmeses (for starters) did buy the Ferragamo for Suri with their hard earned cash.  Well, I don’t know that Katie’s worth but MSNBC put Tom alone at about $250,000,000.  Yeah- a lot of zero’s!  So $850 is just at .00034% of his total wealth (and Katie makes a good chunk herself!)  To put that into perspective, that’s like someone who makes $38,611 (the average per capita Income in the USA according to Wiki) spending a whole $13.13 on a handbag!!!!

So… anyway, won’t go evangelizing, but I know that both families give away millions of dollars to charity- so I’m just not worrying about it for another second.

Picture Credit: US Magazine

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