Louis Vuitton’s the “Show Stopper”

Danity Kane LV seats

The show’s over- at least for a couple Danity Kane video’s, and songs in settlement of a dispute between Louis Vuitton and P. Diddy’s Danity Kane.  Louis Vuitton won the settlement against Bad Boy Records over their use of LV trademarks in a couple of Danity Kane videos and song lyrics.

Like these ones, from DK’s “Show Stopper” (the still pic above from the Show Stopper vid on their MySpace page):

“Bet you ain’t never seen (hey)
Chicks ridin’ this clean (hey)
Louis Vuitton seats (oh, oh, oh)
We do it deadly”

Danity Kane LV fanny pack

And this lovely fanny pack from their “Ride for You” video.

Louis Vuitton has always been protective of their trademark… for good reason, everyone wants a piece of it!  Remember Britney? Da Brat?  Ruben Studdard?  and the whole Sony BMG case?  And of course, who’s NOT appropriating it?

Louis Vuitton’s Intellectual Property Director, Nathalie Moulle-Berteaux made this statement in response to the settlement:

“We appreciate Warner Music Group’s and Bad Boy’s commitment to educate their artists about the importance of respecting our world renowned Toile Monogram and Multicolore marks, and their cooperation in protecting Louis Vuitton’s intellectual property. This worldwide agreement, combined with our previously announced agreement with Sony BMG in 2008, demonstrates our successful efforts throughout the music industry to defend our brand and intellectual property from unauthorized use, and to protect the best interest of our customers.”

Notice the emphasis on unauthorized use…

Go team Louis!

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