Louis Vuitton X Infiniti Fabulousness

Louis Vuitton X Infiniti closeups

Wow!  This collaboration totally kills it!  How amazing…

What I love the most is that this is what Louis Vuitton has always done best.  They started out doing custom trunks, and for the past 150+ years, the customization still looks very much like the original pieces.  And don’t get me wrong- I LOVE that.

But this is a totally modern twist on that… a set of luggage that fits the look and feel of the new Infiniti Essence.  It’s the historic, iconic Damier Monogram- but in the modern Graphite, and obviously sleek lines and look that mirror the car!

What do you think???  And who the heck is the lucky SN?

Louis Vuitton X Infiniti closeups

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