Louis Vuitton Watercolor Hits eBay

Louis Vuitton auquarelle frame watercolor

(Louis Vuitton Watercolor Aquarelle Frame)

You knew it wouldn’t take long. While just technically launched yesterday, they’re already up on eBay!

And, while I love to promote our own bags (we have a ton of amazing pieces on eBay and on our fashionphile.com website right now- including our own Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Heartbreak Joke bag), ya gotta hand it to eBoutique! She’s got some killer stuff. Loving seeing the new Richard Prince watercolor bags up.

She’s got the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Aquarelle Frame Speedy pictured above, the Watercolor Aquarelle Papillon, and the Watercolor Jamais. Take a look.

Very cool, indeed.

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