Louis Vuitton v. City Chain

Louis Vuitton Cty Chain Watch

Louis Vuitton isn’t kicking back in its efforts to get rid of counterfeits and knock-offs that violate their trademark.

You can see a watch above made by City Chain under its Solvil name.  And you can also see the logos that Louis Vuitton has taken issue with.

Anyway, they’re battling it out now in Singapore.  Louis Vuitton claiming all the usual: their rights to the trademark, similarity in symbols, dilution of the market, the likelihood of confusion between the two, the reputation of the brand, and damage to exclusivity etc.

City Chain’s claiming that they aren’t using trademarked logos- just designs… and their name is clearly imprinted on each piece.  They also say that their prices are so different (low) to Louis Vuitton’s as to make their customers unique (no comfusion or dilution).

Interesting stuff… read the Strait Times for more info.

Picture Credit:  LV Tambour- Eluxury, Solviv- Lianhe Zaoboa, Strait Times

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