Louis Vuitton Pillows?

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pillow

So, I didn’t want to post the pictures from the Vanity Fair party that Louis Vuitton hosted at the Rodeo Boutique, because other bloggers have done that.  But I did want to share this picture.

There’s some comfy couches on the Rodeo Louis Vuitton rooftop, with some plain cushions… and also these cool almost monogram cushions (notice, no LV).

I got the picture from Anna Umemiya‘s Blog.  It’s in Japanese, I believe, but she’s got some nice pictures.  And what a beauty she is!

But anyway, I wanted to post it because I’ve get emails asking me whether Louis Vuitton has ever made (fill in the blank, lighters, visors, stepping stools, etc).  So, I’ve been asked through the years whether Louis Vuitton ever did bed sets or throw pillows, and I always answer no.  Exhibit A:

fake louis vuitton bedspread

I still haven’t seen a bedset, but I guess I’ll have to amend my answer about the throw pillows.  No, except…

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