Louis Vuitton & Parsons Runway Style!


What do you think of the winning dress in the live competition put on by Parsons, The New School of Design and Louis Vuitton?

I mean listen to this crazy twisted Project Runway style contest.  The competition was between ten pairs of students.  Each pair was given access to signature Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs pieces circa 2003-2008- and then they had to reconstruct those pieces into a new and glorious piece that demonstrates the relationship between fashion and music.  Whoa!  That’s a huge project.  The groups all had from 9-5 and Min Sung Kim and Lydia Kim came out on top with this crazy trench coat number!

Now as part of their winning…. musicians participaing in the Nouveau Classical Project on October 2 will be wearing their design!

Check out more pics from Freshnessmag!

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