Louis Vuitton Lunar Travel Trunk

Like a modern, metal Louis Vuitton damier easter egg!

Louis Vuitton came up with this custom job to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon on July 20th. It opens up all over the place with little nooks and crannies for basically anything you’d need for that luxurious lunar voyage!!!

Going to be in New York City near Central Park West this week?  Drop by the American Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center for Earth and Space on Monday where this little gem will be exhibited with other NASA goodies. The stars of Louis Vuitton’s new Journey’s spot- Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and Sally Ride will be there and they’re bringing Daniel Lalonde, Louis Vuitton North America president and CEO along for the ride!!!  (Theirs was my FAVORITE of the Journey’s spots so far… can’t get enough!)

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