Louis Vuitton Dons

If you watch this video from ConsTV, you’ll see a second pair of Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneaks. These ones are called… wait for it… “Louis Vuitton Dons”!!!

But first- couple things… first, I started watching this with my 5 year old sitting next to me- and well, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the language.

Second. It’s interesting, because I’d wondered who owned the SO Red Epi Christopher backpack that Don C blogged about a while back, saying “None B4 None 2 Come” and that Kanye mentioned in the Vanity Fair Best Dressed, when he said of his:

“Favorite fashion purchase of 2008: “A special-order red Epi leather Christopher backpack from Louis Vuitton.”

Anyway… that whole question gets cleared up in the clip.

Kanye Sneakers 

Yep… as I suggested earlier, the first pair of kicks that we saw were reminiscent of a pair of Sperry Topsiders.  These look more like lace-up vans.  I do like the tall heel on the back though.  In the vid, Kanye shows how they keep your jeans from dragging.  My 5 year old needs some of that! 

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