Louis Vuitton doesn’t play that game

Louis Vuitton doesn’t play that game.I mean… when will people learn.  Louis Vuitton REALLY doesn’t like it when people use their marks without their permission.

So there’s this kind of clever game out there called Fakes for Real.  It includes 60 cards and is a “Memory” style game where you match up pairs.  But, instead of being matched sets of two- there is a real card matched with its fake.  So… the real Mona Lisa and a repro,  Bavaria’s Neuschwanstein castle and Sleeping Beauty’s Disneyland castle, the Villa Rotonda and its look-a-like “the White House”, an aerial picture of downtown Toronto and one from the computer game The Sims.  I actually really like the concept!

Fake for Real LV

However, the box and packaging are clearly inspired by the Louis Vuitton trademark logo pointed quatrefoils as well as the overall multicolore dress.

Fake for Real ribbon

It’s temporarily offline- and here’s what the www.fakeforreal.com website looks like right now:

Fake For real website

Ha!  I totally LOVE what they did to most of the offending marks game in that pic:

Fake for Real LV

Anyway… I mean, I get it.  A game of fakes and they’re using the logos of the most historically faked brand satirically.  But that’s just the problem.   Louis Vuitton doesn’t want to be associated with anything counterfeit… let alone a game of fakes.  (And quite frankly, they are vigilant in quashing the unauthorized use of their marks at all.  Remember Britney, Ruben Studdard, Da Brat, BMG and the infamous Darfur shirt?)

Here’s an interesting read about it.

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