Louis Vuitton Date Code Explanation Guide

Louis Vuitton Date Code explanation buying guide

I’m slowly but surely updating all of my buying guides.

My free Louis Vuitton buying guides were all on eBay originally. I wrote them when the “Reviews & Guides” first came about. But there was a limit to 10 tiny pictures and only like 2500 words a guide- which was a huge limitation in what I’m writing on… So I have been one by one updating all of my guides here on my website.

Louis Vuitton date code picture...
(An example photo from the Louis Vuitton Date Code guide)

I just re-did my Louis Vuitton Date Code Explanation Guide. It’s much more helpful, with big, clear pictures, updated information, and including recent changes. I hope you find it helpful. Go ahead- bookmark it and use it as a reference.

I updated my Louis Vuitton Epi Information Guide, and my Louis Vuitton Vernis Information Guide in Fall of 2007- and am adding more info now. The rest of my guides are getting a total overhaul, and I’ll announce them one by one as they are “done”. (They’ll all continually need updating- but the initial overhaul takes the most work!)

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