Louis Vuitton coming to La Cumbre Mall, Santa Barbara?

OK… I have some good news, and some bad news. What do you want first?

Well, since I kind of spilt it in my blog title AND since this is a totally unsubstantiated- well, moderately substatiated rumor, we’ll go with the potentially very GOOD news.

It looks like we may be getting a new Louis Vuitton Boutique at La Cumbre Plaza mall in Santa Barbara!

Yahoo, right?

Well, it looks like it’s coming at a price. Apparently, La Cubre’s owner the Macerich Co. is going for a more posh, high-end feel… ergo the influx of shops like Tiffany Co. & … Louis Vuitton.

The problem is that, those rental spots aren’t just coming out of thin air. It seems that long time (sixteen year) tenant The Body Shop, is getting squeezed out of it’s space to make room. Justine Roddick, daughter of The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick (who passed away just last September),

“I was very surprised to come back from my Christmas holiday to find the store was shutting area resident and [Macerich] asked us to get out ASAP, which I find rather sad considering all the years La Cumbre was a mall nobody really wanted to go to and The Body Shop was very loyal to them and stayed there paying rent.”

Hmmm, that’s too bad. The store is closing January 31, but a sign in the store currently reads:

“Mall management is kicking The Body Shop out of the mall after 16 years of business. If you have any strong feeling towards this matter, please fill out a comment card. We greatly appreciate your business, and we will miss you all.”


So, Justine and a store employee are spinning the story about Louis Vuitton taking it’s place… but Michael Guerin, Macerich senior manager of leasing won’t comment on it.

We’re excited about the even slim possibility of a getting a new Boutique in such a wonderful town/ mall- but let’s hope that The Body Shop finds a great new home really soon!

Anyway… you an read the whole story here: Pacific Coast Business Times

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