La Toile Daligram- Salvador Dali’s LV Monogram

Daligram Louis Vuitton agenda

(photo credi: ArtsMode)
So interesting… Salvador Dali was fascinated with the Louis Vuitton monogram in the late 1960s. So much so, that he appropriated LV’s monogram toile into what he called a series of Toile “Daligrams”.

The picture above is an actual, 1970 Salvador Dali, Toile Daligram. Notice that Dali used an actual Louis Vuitton agenda upon which to create his design.

He includes personal symbols as well as his SD initials and the initial of his wife Gala.

Salvador Dali Daligram Toile
(From Dali-Design)

Salvador’s Daligram has been available commercially off and on since he created it.

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