Johnny was Robbed :)


I’m just loving the Olympics this year! Are you watching? I can’t get enough of US figure skater, Johhny Weir. He’s so much fun to watch on the ice… You can tell he’s having fun- and that’s just a pleasure to behold!  Was he robbed last night, or what? :(  But he’s equally as fun to watch off the ice!  Always drama!

Anyway, I remembered this article that I read a long time ago about what a Fashionnphile he is! It talks about the Louis Vuitton bag he’s carrying- with his Gucci change purse, Louis Vuitton camera case and Balenciaga wallet inside. It’s a fun read!

Love the Louis Vuitton black monogram denim shawl he’s wearing in the picture above- and we’ve got a pre-owned authentic Louis Vuitton monogram shawl that looks very similar on our website right now for about $50 less than retail.  Take a look!

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