John Nollet: His own Louis Vuitton Journey

No, this isn’t a spot from Louis Vuitton’s award winning Core Values “Journeys” ad campaign… and I don’t believe it was even shot by Annie Leibovitz.  But it could have been!?!

Louis Vuitton has partnered up with Park-Hyatt… and this is the first fruit!

This is John Nollet- hair stylist for the stars, and the amazing bespoke monogram trunks that Louis Vuitton created  specially for him- fitted for all things hair!

Louis Vuitton John Nollet Hair trunk

Nollet is the genius behind that amazing shock of black dreds on Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow!   But he is most famous for being responsible for the Amelie bob!

Louis Vuitton hair trunks Nollet

So he’s beginning a “Hair Room Service” tour, where he’s spending 9 months in different Park Hyatt hotels around the world.  Of course, for a tour like that- he’d need only the best in luxury luggage!  And who does custom luggage like Louis Vuitton?

John Nollet Louis Vuitton trunk

Read more about Nollet and his amazing tour here… Times Online

Pics from Park Hyatt and John Nollet’s fab website!!!  Be sure to CHECK IT OUT!!!

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